The LGA has endless practice facilities for the aspiring Pigeon Cup Champion. Most notably the courses surrounding the the Greater Melbourne area will form the locations. This Facilities page will look to provide information on the best ways to play golf and get the most out of your golf.

The extensive range of beautiful courses around Victoria should be explored, especially the water, bunkers and forested areas of these courses, to the extent that the simple indulgence in our state beauty, should be enough to detract from sometimes abominable golf.

While the terrific courses and the beautiful game should be enough to inspire activity and social exuberance enough to be regularly playing golf, the following may provide some encouragement or facilitate the betterment of your golf:

Future Golf offers a number of benefits and is a good way to advance from being a completely amateur golfer to being a professionally amateur golfer. Memberships start from $249 per year giving access to the following:

  • 4 Free rounds at partner courses ($350 Membership = 12 rounds)
  • Official Golf Australia Handicap
  • Submission of Social Cards to keep handicap up to date
  • X-Golf Simulator Use
  • Green Fee Discounts
  • Access to regular Future Golf events and trips


More To Come…

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